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 Antique maps of Tuscany

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Art. 60/1


Antique Tuscany


Florentine rule at the age of Cosimo I    (XVI century)


size: 18,1x13,3 inches (29,9"x22")

€ 60

Antique_Tuscany_map.jpg (202291 byte) Art. 60/2


Antique Tuscany


Florentine rule



size: 18,1x13,3 inches (29,9"x22")

€ 60

Art. 60/3



"Antiquae Tusciae"

Incisore Abraham Ortelius, 1584


size: 18,8x12,5 inches (29,9"x22")

€ 60

Art. 60/4



"Senese and Valdarno"


Ferdinando Morozzi di Colle, 1774

size: 16,5x16,5 inches (19,6"x19,6")

€ 60


Art. 60/5


Tyrrhenian Sea

engraving of the XVII century


size: 43,3x19,6 inches (51,1"x22,4")

€ 110







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